T110 Rebuild

This blog is about the rebuild of my Dads Triumph T110 after being in "boxes" for 39 years!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 8 - Engine

So it is new year and the rebuild is a bit on hold - we need to wait to for the shops to re-open so we can get hold of some replacement high tensile bolts for the crankshaft.

In the meantime some more bolt and nut plating was done. Here is an interesting comparison of some bolts, firstly after they have pickled in some acid for awhile (this is done to remove old zinc plating as well as any existing rust), then once they have been vapour blasted and finally after plating.

After pickling

After vapour blasting

After plating
Similar nut comparison between pickling and vapour blasting.


Vapour blasting
There was also some time to work on rebuilding the starter pivot and a new bush was needed to ensure a good fit - Roger made quick work of this on his lathe.

Master at work

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