T110 Rebuild

This blog is about the rebuild of my Dads Triumph T110 after being in "boxes" for 39 years!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Front Wheel Lacing

So with the hubs powder coated it was time to experiment with lacing the front wheel.
Firstly the new bearings needed to be pressed in.

Then it was time to start figuring out the lacing pattern. I had taken pictures before dismantling the hubs, but of course you can never have too many pictures to refer to.
Once the pattern was right the nipples were fitted with some thread lubricant so the stainless would not fowl up.

The spokes were then loosely tightened by hand. Then mounted on the spindle in the vice to start tensioning the spokes to balance out the rim. A "needle" was set up as a gauge, and then the process of loosening and tightening proceeded. Firstly with a electric drill then more finely with a hand spanner.
play was first corrected side to side and then top to bottom.