T110 Rebuild

This blog is about the rebuild of my Dads Triumph T110 after being in "boxes" for 39 years!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Preparing the hubs

In order for the wheels to be rebuilt, the hubs needed some attention. Cleaning and powder coating to be exact. But firstly they needed to be dis-mantled. Removing the bearing dust cover turned out to be quite a challenge. But with a bit a crafty skill from my friend Johan, it turned out to be really easy. Once again proving the right tool, or "home-made" tool for the job makes life a lot easier.

Here are pics of the hub dismantled.

Unfortunately by the time I got these to the blasters and powder coaters it was all ready year end shut down and had to wait for the new year.
This week the hubs went in and have come back. They were double powder coated. Firstly a black coating and then a clear satin coating. Gives a nice deep lustre to the surface and I am told is known to be harder wearing. They were able to protect the insides of the hubs/ bearing surfaces and the breaking surfaces during the powder coating process. 

So I suppose we are almost ready to start assembling the wheels :-).

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