T110 Rebuild

This blog is about the rebuild of my Dads Triumph T110 after being in "boxes" for 39 years!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 4 -Engine

The head was blasted more to try and clean it more, switching from bead to sand shot helped, we also tried heat the old gunk with a flame to get rid of it easier, finaly the head was vapour blasted and it came suitably clean. Old valve guides were also pressed out.

Burning the gunk.

Mounting surface sanded - rust forming already.

The engine and gearbox casings were vapour blasted then placed in a hot oven to seal - creating an oxidisation layer. Once removed from the oven and still hot they had the bearings pressed in as well as the brass bushes and timing guide. Some of the camshaft bushes had to be lapped, which Roger made a special tool on his lathe to align the casing and lap the bush - worked very well.
Mounting surfaces sanded
Sanding "stone"

Using my sister-in-laws oven ;-)

Come out a bit HOT!

Bushes going in while still hot.

Note the essential oven mitts.

Bearings going in too.

Bushes being lapped on the lathe.

Two stud holes on the casings had been stripped, so they were bored bigger and a threaded insert was made to get the holes back to original size.

Drilling out the stud hole.

New insert in and new thread cut for the plated stud

Further plating on bolts, studs and nuts was done. An issue was also found with the crank bolts - they are pitted and corroded so new ones will be needed.
Plated bits

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